Jun 20, 2023 ・ 3 min read

Hello πŸ‘‹

My name is Chirill and I am a software engineer with a designer background.

All these titles are hard, I prefer to say that I am a product oriented developer and I can help you or your company build a product, bring it to life and support it.

Some may say that there are no people who can be great on both frontend and backend, followign this thought I’m more of a frontend guy, like 70% and the other part of me is backend.

Let’s connect 🀝

I do different things and write some random thoughts here, so be my guest and feel free to contact me via email.

Or via social networks: github, twitter, linkedin or instagram.

Current time πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

Currently I work for Fit With Iulia full-time remotely.

I helped them build the project from an idea to a working growing product and continue to develop and support it.

Things that I created include the app, based on React Native, APIs based on Ruby on Rails, Adonis.js, and multiple frontends based on Next.js and TypeScript.

My current stack is:

How it started ✨

I started as a graphic designer somewhere in 2009 and till 2011 I helped businesses find and create their graphical identity, created logos, business styles and posters. That was a nice time and a learned a lot about the sense of beauty, that mystic feeling when image looks just good enought.

Somewhere in 2011-2012 I came to an idea that websites are just cooler :) That was the rise of HTML5 and CSS3, box-shadow and transition, websites started to become more and more animated and active. I learned how to create a website googling things, oh my, how many times I broke websites, how many times I fixed them, at first I used Joole, then Wordpress, then Drupal, then Wordpress again.

At that time several of my projects got featured on multiple web awwwards: CSS Winner (2011), Site Inspire (2012), CSS Reel (2012), CoDrops Collective #34 (2012), FWA Mobile Of The Day (2013).

Later in 2014, fully acknowledging that being a developer allows me to do more, I started to work with WordPress and PHP, at that time I was actively freelancing and working as a contractor, used my designer skills as an addon that allowed me to create products from the ground up to the very end and help businesses to make their ideas come true.

As from 2014 and to this day I worked with myriad of technologies, starting with something really simple to complex multihost systems, based on RoR and Node.js, with multiple databases, edge-computed and etc.