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Deploy Ghost using Dokku

I started using Ghost as a headless cms for my personal website and it works like a charm, but I had to spend some time to try and deploy it using Dokku, that's what I am going to write about.

Use Cloudflare SSL certificates with Dokku

Lately I was reconfiguring my pet projects server and decided to try to use Cloudflare SSL certificates with Dokku.

Over-engineering madness or hype-driven development in JS

Let's start with a question, how would you create a website that should just display a logo and some info?

Working with credentials in AdonisJS

Credentials are a big part of any app really. Any key or id that is somehow relevant to another service and allows your app to interchange data with it can be considered as a credential data.

Deploy your Node.js app without a hassle

The process of app deployment takes some time, you have to configure the server, find all the information and be ready to handle the issues, but there is an easier way.

Migrate AdonisJS v4 user passwords to v5

A new version of Adonis.js isn't just a simple update, it is a complete revamp of all the core modules and structure including hashing mechanism.

5 things I learned while freelancing

Freelancers or independent contractors are in demand as never have been before, the pandemic changed how businesses work and hiring a remote worker has become a new normal.

Through Sails and Rails to AdonisJS

Even though Node.js has been around since 2009, 11 years so far, the web framework options are still very limited.