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Working with credentials in Adonis.js

A better way of handling credentials while working with adonis, especially when you have many of them

Deploy your Node.js app without a hassle

The process of app deployment takes some time, you have to configure the server, find all the information and be ready to handle the issues, but there is an easier way.

Migrate Adonis.js v4 user passwords to v5

I decided to update an old Adonis.js v4 app to v5 and had to handle user passwords migration somehow

5 things a freelancer should know to succeed

As a freelancer myself with years and years of remote work experience and sometimes as a client who hires for work, I decided to share some ideas and advices.

How I made my personal blog

How I made my personal blog and what tech I used fot it, long story short, static, with all the modern tools

Through Sails and Rails to Adonis.js

Even though Node.js has been around since 2009, 11 years so far, the web framework options are still very limited